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Same Day Crowns

That’s Right, We’ll Make Them While You Wait

Our CEREC Technology has transformed the way we do crowns. The CEREC machine allows us to create a crown for you in a very short period of time, meaning that for most people we can actually fit your new crown during your lunch break!

Don’t take our word for it, watch the video below and our happy patient Barry will explain…

“Simple, Straight Forward & Done In No Time” Says Barry

If you have a broken tooth, a tooth that is severely decayed or even a tooth that has a large filling that needs replacing, you may need a dental crown.

Once, getting a new crown, veneer or onlay (a partial crown) was a drama, taking two or three visits, weeks apart. No longer at Taylored Dental Care, where we prepare your tooth, create a high-quality ceramic crown that will fit perfectly and then put it in place, all in one sitting. Imagine: a crown while you wait.

What Is CEREC?

It’s a machine that uses Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing to do three jobs:

  • A special “camera” digitally scans your teeth;
  • That scan is passed on to a machine that designs a 3D model of your new tooth;
  • Finally, a tiny mill, working from the model, cuts your tooth out of a ceramic block that has been chosen to match exactly the shade of your natural teeth.

CEREC machines aren’t cheap but we have invested in one because we believe in giving our patients the best dental experience, and sometimes the best technology is essential for that to happen.

The advantages of CEREC for you are:

  • Instead of weeks of waiting and the many inconveniences of multiple appointments, it’s all over in just one visit;
  • One appointment means one injection;
  • There’s no temporary crown that doesn’t feel right and has a good chance of breaking or falling out;
  • A digital scan means no foul-tasting gooey impression material setting in your mouth, making you gag;
  • You will end up with a strong, durable prosthetic that perfectly matches the rest of your natural teeth.

“I’m not embarrassed by my smile any more” Says Carol

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